Buck teeth: how to fix protruding teeth

Protruding teeth, or ‘buck teeth’, is a common dental problem. Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, most people with protruding teeth want to correct them. The good news is that in many cases, thanks to clear aligner technology, the problem can be fixed without the need for metal braces.

But before we see how buck teeth can be fixed, let’s take a quick look at the common causes of the problem, and the health reasons why you should get them fixed.

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Buck teeth causes

For many people, the cause of protruding teeth is thumb-sucking during childhood. Unfortunately, this common childhood habit can have long-lasting consequences!

Thumb-sucking and dummies aren’t such a problem in younger children, as their milk teeth won’t stay around for long. But when a child’s permanent teeth start to grow, a thumb-sucking habit can cause the teeth to grow out instead of down.

It’s also possible to have protruding teeth even if you didn’t suck your thumb. Some people are simply born with a lower jaw whose shape or position puts pressure on their teeth, pushing them forwards.

Other causes include having larger teeth than normal, and overcrowding. If your teeth are large for the size of your mouth, they can appear to protrude. Similarly, if you have too many teeth, the front teeth can get pushed forward.

But can protruding teeth in adults be fixed? The good news is that they can.

In severe cases, protruding teeth can only be fixed with metal braces, or even headgear. In minor cases, they can be fixed with clear aligners like Smilelign.

Problems and concerns with buck teeth

Although most people get their protruding teeth corrected for aesthetic reasons, there are actually several health reasons why you should look into treatment.

The first reason is to do with chewing. Because chewing is the first step in the digestive process, efficient chewing has a knock-on effect on your health in general. It’s important to have a good bite so that your teeth break down food effectively. Although your back teeth have more of an impact on chewing than your front teeth, protruding front teeth can still have a knock-on effect on your chewing.

Protruding teeth can also have an impact on speech. Because of the way the tongue and lips move to form sounds, protruding teeth can have an impact on your ability to pronounce certain words.

Finally, teeth that stick out are at a greater risk of being knocked or damaged. Especially if you play contact sports, sticking out teeth are more likely to get injured and increase the risk of your mouth and jaw getting injured.

How to fix buck teeth without metal braces

Invisible braces can be used to correct various types of malocclusions. Malocclusion is the word that dentists use to refer to a misalignment between the top and bottom dental arches, which leads to issues including protruding teeth, amongst others.

In mild and moderate cases, protruding teeth can be fixed with clear aligners. In mild cases where the protrusion is up to 2mm, clear braces can either move the lower teeth forward, or create more space for the upper teeth to move backwards.

In moderate cases of up to 4mm, clear aligners can reduce the spacing between upper and lower teeth, but cannot close the gap entirely.

Be advised that home remedies and DIY methods to straightening teeth are always a bad idea. They don’t work, they often cause long-term damage, and they almost always leave your teeth looking worse than they did to begin with. If you would like to fix your teeth, you need a professional to help you.

Fix your buck teeth with Smilelign clear aligners

To find out whether your protruding teeth can be corrected with clear aligners, you’ll need to speak to a dentist who offers the treatment. Not all cases are treatable with clear aligners, but it’s best to know sooner rather than later. Untreated orthodontic problems often get worse with time, so it’s best to act if you know you’ve got a problem.

Smilelign treatment involves a series of clear aligners that gradually move your teeth to the desired position. Trusted by dentists across the UK, Smilelign is one the quickest, most cost-effective, and painless ways to get the smile you want.

Find your nearest provider and begin your journey to straight teeth today!

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