Kathryn Bell from The Ridge Dental Practice on her Smilelign Journey

Having treated a number of patients using Smilelign aligners and getting fantastic results, I decided that I wanted to use them myself in order to correct the crowding in my own smile. The patients I had treated reported that the aligners were comfortable and I particularly liked the idea of having something removable  that wasn’t fixed to my unrestored teeth.

 I found that it was easy to adapt my lifestyle to fit around the aligners and wearing them all day every day (except for eating, drinking and partying!) was not problematic.  I needed three composite attachments on my front teeth and initially I had some discomfort from them rubbing my lips but this subsided within a few days and I forgot that they were there after that..

 I needed 5 upper aligners and 8 lower aligners which meant the total treatment time has been around 6 months.  The position of one of my upper teeth needed a little bit of final tweaking with a couple of extra aligners to produce the optimal result.

 I have found that the customer service for smilelign is exceptional and there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone to discuss the progress of treatment and make sure everything is running smoothly.

 I have found the Smilelign aligners to be an excellent way to produce the end result that I desired and would highly recommend it for people who do not wish to have braces attached to their teeth. 

Dr Kathryn Bell, Dentist at The Ridge Dental Surgery in Yate.

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