My Clear Braces - A Patients Blog

Becki writes a blog in her spare time. She has written about her experience with Smilelign Clear Braces and why she chose to have invisible aligners instead of traditional train track braces with wires and brackets. 

'For a long time i've been considering getting invisible braces as i've always been self conscious about my teeth especially the top two which have a slight overlap.  I was desperate to get braces when i was younger but unfortunately my dentist said that my teeth weren't considered bad enough for me to get braces on funded on the NHS. At the time i was still in school and definitely  couldn't afford it and i couldn't expect my parents to pay for the treatment so i waited for years until i was in a steady job and i knew i could pay for the treatment on my own 

I finally plucked up enough courage and i have done a lot of research so i decided now was the best time for me in my life to undergo the treatment. I finally decided on Smilelign as i have worked with a few colleagues who have had the treatment done and are more than happy with the results, this helped me make my decision by having someone i could personally talk to and as them about their experiences. I did do my research online before making the big decision but i couldn't find much online about Smilelign nor could i find anyone's personal experiences. 

Let me tell you a bit about Smilelign and why i decided to choose them over invisalign or any other clear brace company. Smilelign is an invisible aligner system that gives you a straight smile without having to have fixed metal braces and wires. The invisible aligners are designed to fit comfortably in your mouth 23 hours a day. You are only aloud to take out the aligners when you are eating and brushing your teeth. Once you have finished the course of treatment you are then given your final aligner which is to be worn every night to stop your teeth from moving. The prices are much more affordable which makes it a popular choice these days as a pose to other invisible aligner systems which can be pricey depending on how severe your case is. My case is a mild case as i only have an overlapping on my front tooth and my two bottom teeth are pointed in. My case has cost me £2,000 which includes a course of whitening and slight filling of my teeth at the end of the treatment. This is much more affordable as apposed to when I got a quote for invisalign which is another clear aligner competitor, they assessed my teeth and told me i was on the severe side and gave me the price of £4,000.

I'm going ahead with the treatment and have had a 10 minute chat with a dentist in Basingstoke that my colleagues have recommended and he spoke to me about the treatment, what to expect and answered any questions i had. I will let you know how my next appoitnment goes in my next post, the next step is to go and have impression moulds done which he will send off to the Smilelign Labatorary. They will then go ahead and make my pre aligners which i will wear for 2 weeks before getting my real aligners. 

If you have any questions please don't hesistate to comment below and i will answer them, I'm actually one week into my first set of aligners so i will write about how i'm getting on with them in a few posts time.'

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