Win A free smilelign clear brace CONSULTATION and whitening!

We're a UK-based company that makes clear aligners - or braces - that work to slowly move your teeth, giving you the ability to smile with confidence. We are used by hundreds of dentists up and down the country, and have helped many patients achieve their dream smiles. You can read some of their testimonials here, or have a look at our Instragram and Facebook accounts. 

We know that there are lots of people wanting to find out a bit more about what clear aligners can do for them, but that sometimes the consultation fees are enough to put them off, so, we have decided to have that covered for you...meaning that you can have a treatment plan crafted just for you for absolutely nothing! £0. What's more, you get free whitening at the end, even if you chose not to proceed with treatment.

Smilelign clear aligners. How they work:

Smilelign consists of a series of virtually invisible, removable braces - aligners - that are changed every two to three weeks. Treatment can take as little as 12 weeks, depending on the alterations required. Each aligner is carefully designed specifically for your teeth and moves them in small stages, little by little, week by week, until they have reached the final position prescribed by your dentist. 

The process: 

Each aligner, marginally different to its predecessor and successor, moves your teeth a fraction of a millimetre at a time. Our technicians scan your models and, using our specialised software, meticulously plan your tooth movements. Working from your dentist's prescription, we craft you your bespoke treatment plan - and your future smile! Sent to your dentist, your treatment plan includes: before & after images of your teeth, a short animation showing the movements required, and a set of pre-aligners - designed to see if clear braces are a suitable treatment for you.

Want to find out more? Visit us on our What is Smilelign page. Want to be in with a chance of winning? Guess who is NOT wearing aligners on our social media posts, share the competition and cross both your fingers and toes on Friday the 9th of March, when we will be selecting the lucky winner. Good luck!

Please read our competition T&C's here, or for further clarity on the competition, please contact us marking FAO Sarah Bailey.     I     +()0114 250 0176     I     151 Rutland Road, Sheffield.