Why choose Smilelign?

There are so many Short Term or Aesthetic Orthodontic treatments and devices currently on the Dental Market, so why choose Smilelign? Short Term Orthodontics or as we prefer aesthetic orthodontics is a term used to describe appliances that mainly correct and straighten teeth to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result. Adults particularly find aesthetic orthodontic treatments preferable to contemporary fixed orthodontic braces with brackets and archwires. Smilelign is a clear brace system ideal for these types of cases.

Why choose Smilelign clear aligners over other aligners?

Due to advances in digital technology, clear aligner systems have become more popular and Dentists now have a choice for their patients. Historically there has been one or two systems available leading to high laboratory costs and dentists have had no choice but to accept long delays in treating planning and waiting for aligners to arrive in their practices often from overseas. We manufacturer everything in Sheffield, UK. There are no lengthy delays and we can get the patients treatment started as quick as 15 working days from you sending impressions. 

We listened to feedback

When designing our system we listened to some of the top providers of aesthetic orthodontics, we developed a system where almost 50% of the cases we plan are designed to finish treatment in less than 6 months and almost all to finish within 12 months.