Sending a case for Smilelign Assessment and treatment planning couldn't be easier. We don't expect any upfront fees, we don't require you to attend any certification courses. We just want to get you treating patients with Smilelign Clear Aligners.

Clinical Records 

Here's a simple list of the few things we need and a few things that might be useful:

  • Upper and Lower Silicone (Putty and Wash) or similar good quality impressions
  • Bite reg in ICP
  • A brief outline of patient's main complaint and treatment objectives.

Sometimes we may ask for photos and X-rays, these can be emailed or sent on disc, we don't mind. If there are any specific details about the case we ask that you notify us on the Smilign prescription form. You can download this below.

 What silicone is best?

We are happy to accept any silicone material, however we do recommend Zhermack and Kettenbach materials.