What is Smilelign®?

Smilelign is a pioneering Clear Orthodontic Aligner system, integrating the latest software and 3D CADCAM technology to produce invisible orthodontic aligners, treatment plans and study model archiving. Patient’s models are scanned with our Smilelign 3D digital scanner, the software will analyse the treatment requirements and number of aligners required to achieve these objectives. The 3D data can be sent digitally to your clinic for assessment. Smilelign Invisible orthodontic aligner system uses the latest technology on UK dental market. 

Clear Aligners - invisible braces.jpg

The Smilelign Service

Together, the 3D digital scanner and the Smilelign software offers flexibility to clinicians like no other system on the market. Our trained dental technicians will give guidance and recommendations based on the analysed data. Once a treatment plan has been agreed the case can be manufactured. The whole process takes around 10-15 working days depending on the number of aligners required.

Treatment Planning

Our Smilelign 'Scan & Plan' service is a one off cost, we will analyse and detail a treatment plan for you to discuss with your patient. If you or your patient decides to change the plan or not go ahead with treatment there is no further cost.