Chloe, a Smilelign patient of James Pegg Dentistry  in York, shares her Smilelign story.


Janine Jones of Hallam FM - Churchfield Dental Barnsley

“I used to be quite embarrassed of my smile.  I’ve got quite a large mouth so whenever I grin all my teeth are on display.  They were overcrowded until I went into Churchfield Dental Centre. 

I had a consultation and they described very clearly how they could straighten my teeth with Smilelign braces.  They’re see through and you can barely see them which takes away the fear that everyone is looking at your mouth!  I found them really easy to use, you take them out when you eat and the braces are very easy to clean.  It’s easy to talk with them in too which was a relief for me.

If you’ve ever been unhappy with your teeth and have thought about getting them straightened you should do it.  It makes such a difference and you’ll have a lovely smile for the rest of your life.  I’m so happy with mine and it was perfect timing just before my wedding photos.

Thanks to David and all the staff at Churchfield Dental Centre and Smilelign for making it such a pleasant experience."

 Dentist: Dr David Hilton 


Address: 1 Victoria Crescent West, Barnsley, S75 2AE

Contact: 01226 771471

Website: www.churchfielddental.co.uk

Sarah, City Dental, Nottingham

1) The problem you faced before you came to us?

Though I have always had good dental health, in the last few years, I had started to notice that my upper teeth where becoming increasingly mis-aligned; they had started to twist a little and one of my front teeth was starting to push backwards. Though the change wasn’t enormous, it affected my front upper teeth and I was becoming increasingly conscious of it. I also knew that the situation was steadily worsening.


2) Your experiences of working with us, for example the quality of care, service, quality of product and customer care?

From the initial discussions about having treatment, the quality of care at the practice has been second to none. My treatment options were discussed fully and clearly and I felt very much in control of my choices. On the advice of Mr Shah, we did not jump immediately into treatment, which I found heartening, it was a considered conversation.



I found the Smilelign, removable aligners were a really great choice for me. My job requires me to speak at meetings and presenting to groups on a very frequent basis and it was great to have the options to remove the brace if necessary. I guess the only negative would be that you have to motivate yourself to wear them frequently, or your treatment will stall.

The braces themselves were inconspicuous and only affected my speech for a very short period (say 2-3 days) after I moved up a stage. Even then, the impact wasn’t particularly significant. The system worked well throughout and the pain was fairly minimal, I only really felt that in the week I moved up each stage and that was manageable.

The aligner system was easy to install and remove, and very easy to clean and store. I had to get used to not eating or drinking in the aligners, which was tough at first, but I soon got used to the system and how best to manage it throughout the day; the system is flexible enough that you can make it work for you and your lifestyle.

When my treatment stalled, Mr Shah intervened to review the brace I wore and filed down part of one tooth, to help kick-start progress. Again, this intervention was considered, targeted and had a really positive impact.

All the staff at the surgery were welcoming, approachable and clearly interested in the progress of my treatment. I wasn’t nervous at any point during the process and I knew I could ask any ‘silly questions’ at any time and I’d receive a clear and honest answer.

The whitening process also worked well, though it did increase my tooth sensitivity for a few days. I still think though that it was a safe and useful way to whiten my teeth. The result was a ‘natural clean’ rather than ‘Hollywood bright’ which was exactly the look I was looking for.

3) The major benefits since having the treatment?

The treatment has been extremely successful and I’m exceptionally pleased with the results. Anecdotally, before I started treatment, family and friends were insistent that I didn’t need anything done. However, since I’ve finished treatment, I have had a number of unsolicited comments from them to say ‘wow, your teeth look amazing, they’re perfect’! So the improvements are clear and I’m extremely pleased. More importantly, the removable aligners have meant that I have been able to achieve this result without damaging my teeth in any way.

4) Was it a good investment of time and money?

Yes, it was definitely a good investment of time and money. The price wasn’t cheap but it was provided very good value for money and I was pleased to pay more in order to have the convenience of removable braces. The process involved frequent appointments at the dentist (every 4-6 weeks), which might be a significant impact on some people’s work/home commitments. However, the converse of this is that I felt very well supported throughout the entire process.

5) What advice would you give to people who are considering this type of treatment?

I would highly recommend this system for people with relatively minor to moderate mis-alignment as it really has been effective and convenient. I would recommend starting the treatment sooner rather than later and certainly there is nothing to be concerned about; the system fits well into your life after a short period of initial adjustment. I perhaps would add that this system might not be quite as suitable for people needing major re-alignment, as the process might end up very lengthy.

However, it’s perfect for adults seeking re-alignment without having to ‘go back to school braces’.

Mr Shah and the team were knowledgeable, practical and supportive and I extended huge thanks to them all.

Best wishes,


Dentist: Dr Shah 

Address: City Dental

Contact: 0115 941 7034

Website: www.citydentalnottingham.co.uk

Michael - Durban Dental Centre

Michael had his Smilelign Braces fitted by Dr Ahmet Bilginer at the Durban Dental Centre. He explains why he chose Smilelign to straighten his teeth. 

 Dentist: Dr Ahmet Bilginer is one of the great dentists at Durban Dental Centre. 

Address: Durban Dental Centre, Crowborough Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 1DG

Contact: 01892 652377

Website: www.durbandentalcentre.co.uk


Joanne - Chequers Dental Basingstoke

Joanne was keen to revive her confidence and rejuvenate her smile for her wedding.

 "I had a really tight deadline, my wedding was just a few months away and wanted to have my teeth straightened before our big day. I had seen my dentist, Dr Milad Shadrooh and discussed my options. He said that the only way to complete the treatment in time was to use Smilelign invisible braces. Within just a couple of weeks my treatment had begun. I had to wear 9 aligners for the top teeth and 6 for the bottom teeth. It took just over 20 weeks to complete and I am so pleased with my new smile." 

Dentist: Dr Milad Shadrooh is Priciple Dentist at Chequers Dental Practice. 

Address: Chequers Dental Practice, 3 Chequers Road, Basingstoke, RG21 7PUT

Contact: 01256 321589

Website: www.chequersds.com

 AJ - My New Smile 


AJ wanted to have his crossed over front teeth straightened and whitened. Dr Bilginer of Durban Dental Centre in London discussed the benefits of orthodontic treatment and it was agreed that Smilelign would be best for him due to work and lifestyle reasons. A treatment plan was undertaken using the Smilelign 'Scan & Plan' service. 

The treatment plan took into account both Dr Bilginers requirements and AJs requests too. The plan was finalised and the treatment came out requiring 7 Upper aligners and 5 Lower aligners. The upper arch was very narrow and required expansion to create enough space to straighten the crossed over front incisors. This was achieved with Smilelign clear aligners alone.

The treatment plan showed that the final result may require a small area where the gum may not move into, the dentist explained that this could be fixed with a small amount of tooth coloured composite if the gum didn't move into the space. 

AJs treatment was finished and final aligners were made to allow him to whiten his teeth whilst holding them in their final position. Both AJ and Dr Bilginer are extremely happy with treatment.

Address: Durban Dental CentreCrowborough Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 1DG

Contact: 01892 652377

Website: www.durbandentalcentre.co.uk

Smilelign For A Teacher Who DIdin't Want Pupils Knowing She Was Wearing Braces

 Before Smilelign treatment

Before Smilelign treatment

This patient was seen by Dr Ahmet Bilginer at Durban Dental Centre in Crowborough. The patient presented with mild crowding and wanted her teeth straightening. She had concerns that being a teacher she didn't want her pupils to know that she was having her teeth straightened with braces. Smilelign was the obvious option for her as they are virtually invisible and could complete the treatment in just over 6 months.

 After Smilelign treatment

After Smilelign treatment

 Her treatment required just 6 aligners for her top teeth and 5 aligners for her bottom teeth. Treatment would take a minimum of 18 weeks, wearing each aligner for a minimum of 3 weeks per stage. Here we see the before and after images of the patients teeth now 8 months after starting treatment and you will see how perfect her teeth are. The computer generated images are of the treatment planning software and the predicted outcome.

Dr Bilginer is an experienced Smilelign provider in Crowborough and London area. Visit ahmetbilginer.co.uk for more information.

Address: Durban Dental Centre Crowborough Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 1DG

Contact: 01892 652377

Website: www.durbandentalcentre.co.uk

I WANTed My gap closing in my front teeth

Samantha - 28 years old - Loughborough 
I'm undergoing treatment for a gap in front two upper teeth which I have had all my life and never really liked the look of it in photos, so now at 28years old I decided to get something done about it. My lower teeth are fine so I'm only having aligners for my top teeth. I did go for a consultation nearly 4 years ago but at the time I couldn't really afford it.

I am soooooo happy!!!! Picked up my new aligners today that have been made at super speed thanks to the amazing Smilelign technician!!!! And they look amazing. My dentist popped then in to make sure they fit and they do perfectly!!! You can barely see them in!!!

I'm very happy and would highly recommend this treatment and my dentist to anyone who is unsure of the results.

  Before - During - After Smilelign Progress

Before - During - After Smilelign Progress

Thank you so much Smilelign for the amazing job you've done. I couldn't be happier right now xx