I want to transfer a case to Smilelign

If you or your patients are currently using a different invisible orthodontic aligner provider and wish to move to another provider, we can take on your cases smoothly and efficiently.  

I'm a Dentist, what next?

Although you may be in possession of the other providers treatment plan for your patient, we will need to complete a Smilelign Assessment. This involves taking a 3D scan of new models from fresh impressions. From the digital data we will be able to give you an accurate cost of providing further aligners to complete treatment. You can request our Smilelign brochure and price list from us. You will receive a report of tooth movements including any IPR if required. You will also receive a free copy of our Smilelign Ortho Studio Viewer and we will send a 3D treatment plan to view for each case.

How long does it take to get a treatment plan?

Our powerful scanners and software allow our team to work quickly on any cases. We are providing treatment plans from receipt of impressions in less than 10 working days. As we are using the latest digital technology, once the treatment plan is ready it will arrive in your email inbox within minutes. We will manufacture 'pre-aligners' for your patient whilst the treatment plan is being undertaken. The 'pre-aligners' are there for you to check the fit and accuracy of your intial impressions. They also act as retainers for any patients that have previously been wearing aligners. They are also great for any patient that is unsure about going ahead with treatment as they can be used to see what aligners feel like. Once you have fitted the pre-aligners and the treatment plan is approved by you and the patient drop us an email to give your approval and we will then begin active aligner manufacturing.

How long do the aligners take to be made?

Once you have given approval of the treatment plan we will schedule your case in our laboratory based in Sheffield. We will supply pre-aligners within 10 working days. Once you have fitted the pre-aligners and you give us the approval, we will then send the rest of the aligners within a further 10 working days. We will always give you an accurate fit date when you give us approval to manufacture. We manufacture everything in the UK so there are no long shipping delays.

Will my patient be starting my treatment from the beginning?

No, we are able to pick up the treatment at any stage. The good news is Smilelign will likely be quicker, requiring less aligners in most cases in comparison to other providers. We individually and simultaneously move teeth 0.3mm per stage, for example in just 20 weeks we can see 3mm of tooth movement per tooth. This is all that is required in many mild to moderate crowding cases.