Caring for Smilelign Aligner


All dental appliances need meticulous care and cleaning on a daily basis to prevent oral infections. The only cleaning product recommended by Smilelign is NitrAdine®

NitrAdine® is compatible with all types of dental appliances.

NitrAdine® disinfects and cleans without causing corrosion, discoloration or distortion to all types of removable appliances made with acrylic, silicon, nylon, and elastomer.

Directions for use

Before using NitrAdine®, brush, cleanse and rinse the removable appliance as usual.

  • Place 1 tablet in a glass of warm (33°) water (150 ml).
  • Immerse the removable appliance into the water. Use only one upper or one lower removable appliance with one tablet.
  • Make sure the removable appliance is fully covered with water. Allow the removable appliance to soak in the solution for at least 15 minutes.
  • Remove the removable appliance and rinse under water before replacing in the mouth. 

Recommended dosage

It is recommended as part of the removable appliance cleansing and disinfecting routine to use NitrAdine® every day during 2 weeks. After this 2-week treatment, use NitrAdine® twice per week as part of the removable appliance cleansing routine.

It’s important to know that orthodontic appliances are made of porous material in which micro-organisms can infiltrate and build up, eventually causing local infections that induce local discomfort such as:

  • Burning sensation
  •  Soreness
  • Generalised gum pain
  •  Cracked mouth corners (cheilitis)
  • Bad breath (halitosis)

Candida Albicans biofilm formation is one of the main causes of dental appliance stomatitis and cannot be removed easily by daily routine cleaning procedures. This is why we would highly recommend using NitrAdine® as part of your cleaning procedure with Smilelign.

Products For Your Aligners

Retainer Retrievers

Alleviates the Problems Associated with Removing Clear Appliances.

Retainer Retrievers help you remove your appliance from the buccal side, both cleanly and efficiently. They are a handy size and can be stored in an appliance case or on a key chain with the hole provided and are available in pink or blue.