What are Pre-Aligners?

Pre-Aligners are passive aligners based on the start position we use to plan the course of Smilelign treatment. Essentially, they are retainers made in the same way as the active aligners will be made. Pre-Aligners are provided at no additional cost, they are included within the treatment planning fee.

Why do we use Pre-Aligners?

The following are just some of the benefits of having Pre-Aligners before starting Smilelign treatment:

-        The accuracy of the start position of treatment can be checked and confirmed before instructing us to generate your aligners. This avoids the frustration of the active aligners not fitting due to any inaccuracies with the original impression. This is also useful for patients who want to defer starting their treatment. As long as the Pre-Aligners fit well at a later date, this is a useful tool to confirm the treatment plan is still suitable.

-        The patient can try wearing the aligners before committing to the full course of treatment. This is crucial for those patients who may be a concern regarding compliance, as you can send them away for a week to wear and see if you / they feel they can commit to the wear-time.

-        For single arch treatment the opposing Pre-Aligner can be worn. This can help prolong the lifetime of the active aligners as plastic vs. plastic is less damaging to the aligners. This can also be used to retain the untreated arch.

-        Pre-Aligners can be used for pre-treatment whitening.

For more information on Pre-Aligners, please get in touch by calling 0114 250 0176 or via email – admin@smilelign.com