What are Pre-Aligners?

Pre-Aligners are unique to Smilelign, we provide them as part of the 'Scan & Plan' service. The Pre-Aligners are a passive fit clear plastic type retainer.

Why do we use Pre-Aligners?

Pre-Aligners have been a fantastic introduction to the Smilelign system.

The reasons for providing Pre-Aligners are:

  • Enable us to check the 100% accuracy of impressions before producing a whole series of aligners.
  •  It gives a very definite start point for treatment by retaining the start position prior to fitting the active aligners.
  • They are ideal for patients who are not 100% certain they can commit to wearing the aligners. They can get a feel for how the treatment will be before committing to the full cost of treatment

They are also great for patients that may be mid treatment and want to transfer over to Smilelign, they will maintain a stable position before moving onto active aligners