How long do invisible braces take?


Relatively new to the dental market and rapidly increasing in popularity, invisible braces can pose a number of benefits to the modern patient.

Previously, the only method of treatment for those with misaligned teeth was traditional ‘train track’ braces. Unflattering in appearance, often uncomfortable, and with an average treatment length of 24 months, these braces are often approached with a sense of disdain – particularly amongst adult patients. However, due to developments in dental technology, there are now a number of alternative treatments for patients to take.

As their name suggests, invisible braces slot over your teeth and discreetly fix any alignment issues – without drawing any unwanted attention. Completely removable, invisible braces consist of a series of clear trays that are custom-made to your specification. Each marginally different to its predecessor and successor, they work by gradually moving your teeth in small increments until they are in the final position. 

Each brace is worn for a period of 3-4 weeks before progressing, rapidly decreasing the length of treatment. In some cases, orthodontic treatment with invisible braces can take as little as 12 weeks – a vast improvement on the treatment length with fixed braces.

Clear, removable and quick, not only do invisible braces pose a number of benefits for a patient’s lifestyle – they are also beneficial to oral health. They can be removed with ease for cleaning and flossing teeth, something that is very difficult to achieve with fixed braces. In addition, their clear, discreet appearance means that more and more people are opting for orthodontic treatment – vastly improving the population’s confidence and oral health.

Invisible braces: a summary

  • Clear in appearance, resulting in no unwanted attention
  • Removable, making them a seamless addition to your lifestyle & improving oral health
  • Quick, with treatment taking as little as 12 weeks and most cases completed within a year
  • Comfortable, their seamless, plastic appearance removes the risk of any sharp wiring

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