Churchfield Dental Patient Testimonial

Churchfield Dental Patient Testimonial

Churchfield Dental have had a lot of success over the years with their patients using our clear aligner system. 

We recently received their latest patient testimonial from yet another happy patient with a brilliant smile. See the patient's full comments on her Smilelign journey below.

"I have always hated my teeth from being young and had to get a fixed brace when I was younger, however my teeth moved over the years and I began to hate my teeth again.

I refused to smile in photos as I hated them that much. I saw an advert for Smilelign being offered at Churchfield Dental Centre and decided to book a consultation. 

I have had no trouble with the aligners, they are fairly comfortable to wear and they cannot be seen. I am a teacher and children usually notice everything- but not my brace! I also had my teeth whitened as part of my treatment. I am so glad I did it as I now love my smile and can't stop smiling in photos.

Thank you to Caroline and the nurses at Churchfield for everything they have done- I have actually enjoyed going to the dentist! I highly recommend their practice and Smilelign."

If you are looking for a practice in Barnsley that uses Smilelign, then we recommend Churchfield Dental.

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