How to...celebrate the festive season with Smilelign clear braces


The decorations, the festivities, the food – there’s a reason that Christmas is the best time of year! For many, the festive period is a time to relax with family and tuck into our favourite creature comforts. Whilst Christmas is certainly a time for indulgence, sadly for those undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is not always as straightforward as it would seem...

With the countdown to the big day now very much on and the temptation to graze on delicious snacks rife, we have compiled a list of our top tips for maximising your Smilelign treatment over the festive period.

1. Wear your aligners!

One of the main advantages of clear braces is that they are removable. While this is great for adapting to your lifestyle, it is also one of the main reasons for treatment relapse. With Christmas synonymous with delicious food & drink, the temptation to graze on sticky toffees and chewy sweets is high, and can often mean that time spent wearing your aligners is reduced. This does not mean to say that you cannot eat treats at all, however! Remember - your aligners are meant to be worn full-time, so stick as close to this as is possible! 

2. Clean your teeth!

Once you have finished eating or drinking, it is important to clean your teeth before replacing your braces. If you are popping them in and out throughout the day, it is tempting to skip this step. However, tasty chocolates (full of sugar!) and strong coloured foods can not only lead to brace discolouration, but also to poor dental hygiene. If you think you will be eating these types of foods over the festive season, just make sure you clean your teeth and remove the nasty sugars before putting your braces back in - simple!

3. Keep it clear!

Similar to food, you also need to ensure that you only drink cold water whilst wearing your aligners. Alcohol, fizzy drinks, and even diluted cordial can lead to damage, with drinks like hot chocolate even altering the shape of the brace. Like with the food above, just make sure you clean your teeth and the aligners before re-inserting. This means that you can continue your journey towards your perfect smile as seamlessly as possible.

4. Celebrate!

Your work do, family meals, a night out with friends, parties - Christmas is one of the busiest social times of the year. If you are attending any of these events, wearing your clear braces the whole time is probably unrealistic. Whilst the odd hour is unlikely to massively impact treatment, not wearing them for prolonged periods of time could lead to treatment stalling, and possibly result in new impressions being required. To prevent this, try and keep the time spent without your braces to a minimum, making sure you put them in as soon as you can (after brushing and flossing, of course!).

With Smilelign, looking after your teeth this Christmas couldn't be easier. Not yet a Smilelign customer? Click here to find your nearest provider in time for the new year!


Merry Christmas!


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