Removable Braces : what are the advantages?

Using common sense you could summarise the benefit of wearing Removable braces compared to Fixed braces pretty quickly: they’re less restrictive. But delving deeper into that, why does the possibility of taking the braces off pose a strong advantage?

At your Convenience

In this modern era, convenience is a massive factor for everyone. Which is why the ability to remove Smilelign’s clear braces is such a bonus. Imagine you’re eating a meal and you’re worried about bits of food getting stuck in your teeth aligners? Pop them out and pop them back in after. Easy. And even though they are far superior to metal braces when it comes to comfort, the fact that they aren’t permanently fixed onto your teeth should give you peace of mind.

Brushing your Teeth

There are numerous guides online advising how to brush your teeth if you are wearing metal braces/fixed teeth aligners, and which products to avoid. You have to consider the toothbrush, toothpaste, techniques, and flossing is a different activity entirely. Imagine you’re running late for a meeting and you have to spend that extra 5 minutes in the bathroom making sure your teeth AND braces are clean. Nobody wants that. With our clear aligners, you can brush your teeth in bliss, taking them out before and placing them back in after.

The Process of Removal

Not many people enjoy getting told they can’t do something. And they dislike it even more when the solution uses up their time needlessly. Removal of metal, fixed braces should be done by an orthodontist, which inevitably costs time and money. Additionally, if anyone considers doing it themselves, there is a severe risk of damaging teeth. Sound scary? This fear is non-existent with our clear aligners. Not to mention the detailed planning process, which is aimed at making the braces and your treatment plan as bespoke to you as possible.

Teeth Straightening - Progress

It’s human nature to enjoy seeing things grow, progress and develop over time. That’s why grandparents enjoy seeing their grandchildren get taller every year. With our invisible braces, you can monitor your teeth whenever you like and see how close you are to the final picture and perfect smile.


Let’s face it, the reason most people wear braces is because they may have gone through some sort of psychology or physical stress to get them to the point of needing intervention (teeth-wise). The last thing you need after that is a huge change to your day-to-day life, upsetting your routine. We prefer the calmer approach, straightening your teeth in the most pleasant way.

Which type suits you?

It’s safe to say, apart from the odd severe case, removable braces are always the more favourable option. But which type should you venture for?

Clear Aligners

Length of treatment: 3-18 months

Effective on: All teeth

Smilelign provides clear braces, which are considerably less visible when compared to metal, fixed braces or Inman Aligner’s (see below), due to the visible bar. This why they are hugely popular when it comes to adult braces. The Smilelign aligners provide help with crowding, spacing, overjet, reverse overjet, overbite, openbite, and midline discrepancies, whereas the Inman Aligner is more of a solution for front teeth crowding.

They are truly bespoke and with the use of advanced technology, animations and a treatment plan, you can be assured they’re going to be comfortable and effective. The virtually invisible braces focus on incremental improvements over time and depending on the patient, treatment can take a minimum of just 12 weeks.

The clear Aligners work by applying gentle pressure to move teeth into the desired position, similarly to the Inman Aligner. The clear aligners do need to be changed every two weeks. The purpose of this is to make sure the aligner has marginal changes compared to the previous one, to aid with teeth movement.

Inman Aligners

Length of treatment: 3-18 months

Effective on: Front four teeth

The Inman Aligner is a removable brace which features a coiled spring and a metal bar, with the purpose of guiding teeth into the correct position. They are aimed at patients who may have been a little bit casual when it comes to wearing a retainer after having fixed braces previously.

They’re an Eco-friendly option, as they don’t need to be changed throughout the treatment, and the same set of aligners can be used. Although this can be seen as a positive, certain reviews online have alluded to a smell being generated when they aren’t cleaned properly and left in for a long length of time, so that’s a factor to consider.

These are removable, but as far as being invisible goes, the bar can be seen which goes across the front teeth. Effective only towards the patients front teeth, the Inman Aligner is ideal for minor treatments (inc. crowding) and is generally effective pretty rapidly.

The choice between the two removable brace types depends mostly on the circumstances of the patient and the complexity of the case, although Smilelign’s clear braces could be described as more all- encompassing.

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