With so many options available, why choose Smilelign?

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There are many types of braces available on the market to suit different orthodontic needs, as discussed in our previous blog – Types of Braces: The Ultimate Guide. But what makes Smilelign stand out?

Deciding to get braces can be challenging, and which type even more so! There are many influencing factors, some of which you may not have considered. Below are a few reasons why you should consider having Smilelign clear aligners.

Dentists both within the UK and beyond are now choosing Smilelign as their preferred clear brace system. With proven results, great patient testimonials, and virtually-invisible aligners, our UK-based team are proud to boast our status as Laboratory Awards Winners, with our Made In Sheffield status also reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

Being based in the UK gives Smilelign a clear advantage over international aligner systems. You may need an urgent replacement aligner if you lose one, accidentally break it, or, in some cases, the dog may even take a liking to it! Our express service means we can get a replacement despatched within 48 hours, minimising the effect on your treatment.

Have you ever considered what life would be like wearing clear aligners? As standard, we provide Pre-Aligners with every treatment plan. So, before your treatment even commences, you will receive these to wear and make sure clear aligners are the right treatment for you. They will not move the teeth, but are designed to see if you can get along with aligners before proceeding. Upon receiving these, you will also have the opportunity to view your plan and see how your teeth can look at the end of treatment.

Working similarly to a traditional brace, Smilelign applies pressure to multiple teeth to enable tooth movement. Each aligner will generate a maximum of 0.3mm of movement, and with each aligner being worn for a recommended 2 weeks, this provides gradual movement to achieve the desired outcome for the patient. This might not sound impressive, but compared to other clear aligner systems, our aligners move quicker, meaning quicker results!

Our users claim their Smilelign journey has given them a huge boost in self-confidence. Ready to get started? Find a nearby provider at www.smilelign.com.

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