My Smilelign journey - Aligner 1

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Laura. Relapsed ortho case. 4 upper & 4 lower aligners.

The treatment plan.  How clear was your treatment plan, was it easy to see what Smilelign clear braces will achieve? 

My treatment plan was very clear and easy to understand. It was really interesting to be able to see how my teeth would move with each aligner.

Also, being able to see the end result was very reassuring and exciting; knowing what your future smile will look like is a big encouragement to wear the aligners as much a possible.

Your first aligners – how did it feel when you first put them in?

When I first put my aligners in they felt quite tight, but they were not uncomfortable. It only took a couple of minutes to get used to how they felt in general, as well as how talking felt with them in.

Did the brace/aligners hurt?

At first they didn't hurt, but after an hour or so I could feel that my teeth were under a bit of pressure. This wasn't painful, but I was aware that my teeth were moving.

How do you feel wearing them on a daily basis?

Wearing my aligners on a daily basis isn't as daunting as it first seemed. I was paranoid that people would stare at my teeth when I had them in, but no body can tell I have them in unless I mention that I am wearing them. It's great for my confidence :-)

How do Smilelign clear braces work with your lifestyle? Are they easy to remove for eating? Do they stop you eating anything?

Removing my aligners is very easy to do, I just have to ensure that I have brought my box with me to place them in whilst I eat to keep them safe. Wearing my aligners doesn't restrict me from eating anything, however it is more difficult to enjoy drinks and small snacks throughout the day as you have to remove them every time you eat. 

Come back soon to read more about Laura's Smilelign journey!

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