How to straighten your teeth without metal braces


Wanting that perfect smile, but the traditional metal braces that go hand-in-hand with straight teeth less so? Then look no further!

Our dentists have enquiry after enquiry from adults wanting to have their teeth straightened, but without the braces of their (or their friend's) childhood - metal braces that are conspicuous, require serious change to lifestyle and are often rather painful. Thankfully, there are now other methods that deliver the same results, but are less noticeable, require less adjustment and are less unpleasant to wear.


Straight teeth, without metal braces?

There are a number of alternatives to metal braces out there - some of which are less apparent versions of the traditional tracks.

Still involving brackets and wires, each of the elements are subtly coloured - typically clear or tooth coloured - to give the wearer greater confidence whilst they undergo the orthodontic treatment. Great to look at, they still present hygiene issues (fixed braces are notoriously difficult to clean) and often mean that certain foods need to be avoided to prevent damage to the wires. Add to that the discomfort that both the fixed brackets and tightening can bring, and we think there is a better alternative...

Clear aligners are a whole different way of thinking about orthodontics. A series of clear braces that simply sit over your teeth, they are discreet, removable, fit into your lifestyle, and score highly when it comes to presenting little discomfort.

Smilelign clear braces - how do they work?

Instead of one brace that is fixed to your teeth and then tightened to exert pressure and move your teeth, Smilelign creates a number of braces - each one moving your teeth about 0.3mm. Once the first has been worn for 2 weeks, you move on to the second brace, and so on, until your smile is just how you envisaged.

Almost invisible. Made from clear material, the brace is almost invisible as it sits over your teeth. Comments such as 'Amazing - not even my husband noticed I was wearing them!' are commonplace here at Smilelign.

Fit with your lifestyle. Smilelign braces are easily removable for eating and drinking. You still get to enjoy the foods that float your boat, without worrying about your brace: you are free to chew that toffee, tuck in to the juicy delicious steak and eat popcorn until the cows come home. Go crazy. Just make sure you remove your brace first, and make sure to put them back in afterwards...

Pain-free, almost! Unlike fixed braces, there are no sharp edges to cause sores and, whilst some of our patients feel some discomfort for the first day or so of each new aligner/brace, many claim not to feel discomfort whatsoever. #winning.

Where do I find out more?

Our website holds a wealth of information about Smilelign clear braces - with plenty of patient testimonials, and before and after pictures. Find your nearest Smilelign provider on our handy 'Find a Provider' page and book an appointment to see if Smilelign treatment could work for you.



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