My Smilelign journey begins!

Hi, I'm Abbey, from Pontefract, mother to a gorgeous little boy and employed part-time. Earlier this year, I won a whole new smile makeover in a Smilelign competition. Read on for my first instalment of my Smilelign journey...

When I found out I had won, I just couldn't believe it - I was never a big fan of my teeth, and always felt self-conscious of smiling. When I did smile my teeth were never on show. This was going to be amazing!

Smilelign put me in touch with Dr Sagoo at Clover House Dental in Harrogate, who were sponsoring the treatment alongside Smilelign. I called to make my initial consultation which was straight forward. They were really helpful.

Before my first appointment, I was a little nervous, but also excited & over the moon that I'd won something so amazing.

The first appointment was just getting to know about Smilelign, and what would be happening. Clover House explained everything. They have been amazing the whole time. 

After understanding that I was suitable if I had some work before Smilelign began, I went again for the impressions which were needed for my first brace - to open up my jawline. It sounds a little barbaric but it is simply opening my jaw slightly to enable the room needed for my teeth to move. It's removable, like Smilelign, and, again like Smilelign needs to be worn 24 hours a day bar eating and drinking. It's not always 100% comfortable but I've gotten used to it quickly.

I'm so excited about it! I know it is going to take a while due to my overcrowding, but I cannot wait to see the end results! 


Watch this space for my next blog - when I have my pre-aligners and my Smilelign journey really starts! 

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