Smilelign Can Improve Your Health As Well As Your Smile

Straight Healthy Teeth Boost Self-Esteem

People with crooked teeth often hide their smiles. They will cover their mouths when they laugh out of embarrassment of anyone seeing their teeth. Research has shown that straight white teeth help raise self esteem and confidence. Higher self-esteem comes with confidence, and that equates to better overall social interactions. Positive social interactions reduce stress, and stress reduction is highly associated with healthier outcomes for everyone.

Tom Cruise - Smile makeover

Tom Cruise - Smile makeover

 Straighter Whiter Smiles = More Dates

A Smile Survey revealed that people with better smiles often have an easier time getting dates. Based on a picture alone, people with straight teeth are 57 percent more likely to get a date than those with crooked teeth. Your teeth can hurt your chances of getting a second date as well. More than a third of survey respondents would opt out of a second date because of crooked teeth.

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