A Healthy Smile Makes You More Employable


Employees in Thr UK believe that a healthy smile improves their employability and promotion prospects, whilst it can also make managers more motivational.

A study by Bupa of 2,000 UK employees found that over 67% of respondents felt a good smile was an ‘important asset’ at work.

24% of staff feel that better teeth would give them a greater chance of being promoted. 

Whilst 54% thought a genuine smile from their boss is one of the best forms of motivation and 42% find people with healthy-looking teeth more authoritative.

Dr Steve Preddy, clinical director of dentistry at Bupa, comments: ‘Our smile plays a large part in the initial visual impression we each create in meetings, interviews, during presentations and so on.

Matt Everatt - Technical Director at Smilelign commented, 'The survey is really interesting and clearly shows that there is a vast amount of adult patients seeking treatment to straighten their teeth and general dentists are really well placed to treat many of these cases. Smilelign treatment allows adults to get straight teeth the invisible way without the need for metal brackets it wires. The clear braces are almost invisible, treatment is usually very quick and is now more cost effective than ever,'

Dr Preddy continued, 'An attractive smile suggests confidence, competence and authority, which can enhance career prospects and have a motivating effect on others.

‘Unfortunately, unhealthy-looking teeth, such as those that are over-crowded or spaced, can have the opposite effect.’

Some of the main findings from the study show:

  • UK employees worry that unhealthy teeth can damage job prospects, performance at work and the confidence they have in themselves and others
  • 37% of people believe that having bad teeth can harm an individual’s employability
  • 33% of respondents feel it can hold back a person’s career progress
  • 42% of employees have found working with colleagues with bad teeth distracting
  • 29% admit that it affects their confidence in a co-worker’s ability to do their job
  • 28% of employees try not to smile at work, as they are not confident about their teeth
  • And as many as 27% have actually considered getting their teeth Œfixed to boost their self-confidence at work.

Dr Steve Preddy adds: ‘People are starting to realise the impact that unhealthy looking teeth can have on their professional life, so it comes as no surprise that so many are considering cosmetic dentistry.

‘Clearly UK employees no longer feel they should just grin and bare it when it comes to the perfect working smile.’

*Source: dentistry.co.uk