What Is The Cost Of Smilelign Clear Braces For Adults In The UK?

Clear braces like Smilelign are a very popular way to get straight teeth. The cost can vary from dentist to dentist. Treatment with the invisible type braces is not available on the NHS in the UK. However, costs are often cheaper than traditional train track braces with brackets and wires.


Smilelign Cost

Smilelign tooth straightening can  cost as little as £1500, average cost would be around £3000. If more straightening is needed these costs may be a little higher. 

Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate cost without committing to treatment. You will simply need to have a couple of moulds taken and sent to us for assessment.  

Contact your local Smilelign provider today for a no obligation assessment and an indication of Smilelign cost.

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